• How to treat cat disease
    How to treat cat disease

    Cats are prone to many kind of diseases which they can contract as they keep going outdoors. We can't keep the cat in always but we can check out for symptoms and try to treat them before it gets worse. Following are some of the diseases which you can take care of. Skin Conditions: The common…

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  • Why the “Old” Cat Doesn’t like New Cat
    Why the “Old” Cat Doesn’t like New Cat

    When we say old, we don’t think about literally old cats, but the ones you got first. Some of you may have noticed that their first cat isn’t so friendly towards the new one, so what’s the reason for that? Have you ever wondered what is going on? For those of you who brought a new…

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  • Toys to keep you cat happy indoors
    Toys to keep you cat happy indoors

    Keeping your cats busy while you are away at work or shopping is a crucial task. You would not want your rug scratched nor your curtains for the same reason. For this reason, there are a variety of cat toys in the market. We give you some best toys which you can use to keep your cat busy while you…

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  • Different cat diseases
    Different cat diseases

    Cats are prone to many diseases. Here are a list of some diseases which can be harmful to your cat. FIV: FIV stand stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Unlike HIV which is transmitted via sexual contact, FIV spreads through territorial and outdoor cats who are susceptible to infection and also…

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  • American Bobtail
    American Bobtail

    One of the cutest breed in domesticated cats, The American Bobtail is quite uncommon. It was developed in 1960’s. Its unique name is derived from the fact that, it has a ‘bobbed’, stubby tail which is just one-third or half of the normal length of a cat’s tail. This…

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