• Japanese prisoner beheaded by ISIS
    Japanese prisoner beheaded by ISIS

    ISIS recently captured two Japanese citizens. A man named Haruna Yakawa and a journalist named Kenji Goto. Apparently Yakawa was suffering through a midlife crisis and wanted to start a new in Syria, he wanted to set up his own security company wand find some peace while Goto was a war journalist…

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  • Dog supplies-where and how to get
    Dog supplies-where and how to get

    Dogs are everybody’s favorite. There would be hardly any person who does not like dogs. Dogs are believed to be man’s best friend and a loyal one too. Dogs not only guard our homes but they also keep the environment friendly. Even after you leave him alone the whole day, he will still…

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  • Dugong

    The dugong is a medium sized marine mammal. It belongs to the order of Sirenia. There are only four living species of this order. Dugong is the only representative of the family Dugongidae. Its closest relative is a Steller’s sea cow, which was hunted to extinction in the past! Dugong is…

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