It goes without saying that our world has some very weird animals and in this article I have picked the 5 weirdest animals in the world and boy was it hard to do that there are just so many of them.
Angora rabbit
Originating from Ankara and usually bred for its long hair the Angora rabbit is the oldest domestic rabbit. The rabbits were the go to pests for high and mighty in France back in 1700s.
Emperor Tamarin
With a name which was first intended as a joke, the tamarin is known to live in the South West Amazon basin, in east Peru, north of Bolivia. The animal can also be found in the Amazonas as well as the west of Brazilian states of Acre.
White-faced Saki Monkey
Also known as the Guianan Saki, this animal is a new type of new world monkey which can be found in Brazil. This animal is also known as the Golden-Faced Saki and can also be found in Venezuela and French Guiana.
These are usually large browsing mammals that are known to have a pig like shape and usually can be found in the jungles and the forest regions of South America. Tapir are classified as endangered species and this include all four of its species.
Also known by its scientific name Daubentonia madagascariensis, the Aye Aye is an animal that combines both the rodent-like teeth structure with a long middle finger which is the very thing that fills the same ecological niche as a woodpecker. Ye Aye are the world’s primates known in the world that are nocturnal.




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