Best animal Shows

Best animal Shows

While television has a very wide range of shows that are aired every day, there are a few channels that air shows on animals. From wildlife to domestic pets, these shows have very innovative takes when it comes to animal life. Here are a few shows that are an amazing watch:-

1) Pit Bulls and Parolees (Animal Planet)
Parolee volunteers help Tia Maria Torres to run a pit bull rescue center in New Orleans. This group of people goes out of their way to save dogs even from difficult situations even though it is sometimes very dangerous to save them.

2) Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER (Nat Geo Wild)
It’s a no dogs and cats show. You will see the diverse range of animals that people keep as house pets whether it is fish, ferrets, fox or even primates. The vet Dr. Susan Kelleher is one of the busiest animal care practitioners and this show will show you a different meaning of domestic pets.

3) The Crocodile Hunter (Animal Planet)

With Steve Irwin the best crocodile hunter the world could’ve ever seen, this is one of the best shows of all times. It is a wildlife documentary television series but the show is famous because of Steve’s unconventional approach to wildlife. He is seen jumping on crocodiles and holding them carefully as he points out various features of their anatomy.

4) The Planet’s Funniest Animals (Animal Planet)

Matt Gallant features in the show and this show is a version of ‘America’s Funniest Videos’ only with animal videos in it.




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