Elephants are the Empathetic Beings

Elephants are the Empathetic Beings

Have you ever heard of an elephant crying? Yes they do cry this strong beautiful creation is one of the most emotional, caring and sensitive of all animals. Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. They live about seventy years and their brain is 3 4 times larger than that of human beings. They are very family oriented and mostly their relationships are eternal. Elephants express grief, compassion, self-awareness, altruism and play, they even mourn at the death of their loved ones. Mother elephants grieve over stillborn calves, and some elephants even return to the spots where their friends and family members die. If a baby elephant complains, the entire family will rumble and go over to touch and caress it, they react to other elephant's distress by acting in exactly the same way.

Scientists call this emotional contagion. They are quite intelligent and have really amazing memory; they even remember people and places for years.

The Sad truth is that we are destroying these beautiful empathetic animals. Elephant numbers have dropped by 62% over the last decade, and they could be mostly extinct by the end of the next decade. About 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts, leaving only 400,000 remaining less than a tenth of the African elephant population. It is not possible to protect them unless we collectively stop the poaching and consumer demand for ivory, and allocate protected natural habitat in countries where elephants and other wildlife can thrive now, and in the future.




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