Five endangered animals

Five endangered animals

Animals are helpless when they are met with a situation such as deforestation. Nearly 100 species become extinct on a daily basis because of such activity. This year alone, close to 38 million acres of land is being planned for deforestation! This article focuses of the five most endangered animals to raise awareness for this extreme environmental crisis.

  1. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker – This beautiful bird was last sighted in the year 2008! This species is believed to be dangerously close to extinct because of continued hunting and deforestation of tropical areas.
  2. Amur Leopard – There are only about 55 of these leopards left on Earth and those that have survived can be found in Russia. There are the rarest cats in the world and prefer colder temperatures such as the Tundra region. The main factors in the near extinction of this species are poaching and human development. Due to decreasing numbers, there is inbreeding, which is causing genetic defects in the next generations.
  3. Javan Rhinoceros – There are only about 55 remaining in the entire world at this point. They were last seen in 2015 in Indonesia. They used to be very prominent all over Southeast Asia at one time, but now there are very few left. After the Vietnam War, there was much forestland wasted and poaching increased rapidly thereafter. Their horns fetch $30,000 per kilo!
  4. Northern Lemur – These furry animals live in Madagascar. There are sadly only about 20 left in the world! The massive decline of these species is as a result of increased deforestation and poaching activities.
  5. White Whale – They were last seen in Hawaii and Canada in 2003. There are only about 55 left. The industrialization of the seas and poaching has caused the rapid decline of the white whale in the southern Pacific region.



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