How animals react to winter

How animals react to winter

As autumn wipes its leaves on its way out, the weather begins to get colder and even humans change behavior by staying in more and consuming aliments gathered all year long or just paying more visits to the grocery store. Through all this process, you may wonder how animals resist to the sudden change.

Animals are known for the variety of curious things they do to get through winter. A lot of them chose to change their “home” by travelling to different places where the conditions are kinder. An abundance of birds leave during fall to warmer locations. Due to the danger of the travel, they fly in a range of diverse forms; geese, for example, travel in “V”-shaped forms.

Not all creatures decide to ditch the home grounds and move away. Some see winter as an opportunity to hibernate; a deep sleep in which the animal body temperature drops and their hearts function at a much lower pace.

Cold-blooded animals, like reptiles and such have no possibility of keeping themselves warm during the cold time. They, however, see shelter in water. They occupy the bottoms of lakes and ponds where they hide under rocks and fallen leaves. On the other hand, some find the ground more appealing. They find coyness in holes or deep inside rotting stumps of tree.

As impossible as it may seem for animals to do all these little rituals every year, they see it as part of their life; a mean of surviving. It’s captivating how the lands empty once the first balls of snow hit the ground.




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