How are Animals Important in the Biosphere?

How are Animals Important in the Biosphere?

 It is about time we realize that animals are the natural resources that play as much an important role in maintaining the natures’ ecological balance, sustaining the well and controlled functioning of the Biosphere and in maintaining the balance in the wildlife, with the increasing civilization and development over the years and the centuries. So as we know that the area surrounded by the land, water, air and life all together makes up the biosphere. 

Since there are innumerable species of animals, so how can the loss of a particular species of animal, affect the whole complex system of the animal and biosphere relations? Well, here is a small example: In the last centuries, when Chinese farmers observed that they faced a problem, which was that the sparrows were eating away their crops, and so they decided and shot all of them, whenever they came within the fields. Soon, they discovered that the pests and the insects started eating away the same crops and destroyed them. So, they exported sparrows in numbers from Afghanistan to maintain their crops. 

So, apart from playing the prey and the predator role, the function like our complex body system. As a malfunction in one of our organs results in the disruption of the complete systematic routine, similarly, every unit of these species, ranging from the land animals, amphibians, reptiles, aquatic animals, birds and the insects, all of them work together like a well packed unit. The plants and the humans are also integral to this complex system in the same way. 

It is important so, to consider about all of them, in the world that is under the influence of Global Warming.




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