Interesting facts about animals

Interesting facts about animals

Animals are best friends. It is a big pleasure just looking at them. Although, many people believe that there isn’t anything interesting about them, the truth is that they have many ‘’secrets.’’ Some of them are funny, some are worrying, but all facts are interesting.

1. Do you know that a blue whale has a heart that is big as the average car?
2. Ostrich can run faster than horses, and male ostrich can roar as a lion.
3. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. They use sonar to detect obstacles in front of them.
4. Kangaroos are known for their jumping. But for that they use their tails. If you lift their tail off the ground, they cannot hop.
5. In green areas, there are 50.000 spiders per acre!
6. Those famous tiger’s stripes aren’t just on their fur, they are on their skin as well. Every tiger has a unique pattern.
7. Fleas can jump 200 times more that their size. If humans could do this, a man would be able to jump over the Empire State Building in New York.
8. Cats have 32 muscles per each ear!
9. Elephants can ‘’smell’’ the water from a distance of 3 miles. They also undergo menopause.
10. The beavers must gnaw something all the time, because their teeth never stop growing. If they don’t do this, teeth can reach their brain.
11. Oysters can change their gender. For a more successful mating, they can be male or female.
12. Maybe snails are slow, but they can grow a new eye if they lost one.
13. The seahorse is the slowest fish. They can move at a speed of 0.01 mph.
14. Sharks must swim, always!




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