Most Popular Extinct Animals

Most Popular Extinct Animals

The extinction of the animals because of human interference, is another major problem to the list of human worries and concern in these days. The days have come when we will have to build another ‘Ark of Noah’, but this time as a museum, as per the rate with which some species animals and even plants have left the face of the earth. The animals like the mammoth and the Dodo bird etc. exist only in pictures and the pages of history, but their absence also shows how disrupted and disordered is our ecological balance and if it is not maintained and the damage reduced and sustained, we might not have future in the future.

The extinction of certain species of animals has been pre dominantly also found and this results due to various reasons, as a matter of evolution, or climatic changes, sea level and temperature changes, or due to Global Warming. Following are the major and extraordinary extinct animals:

(1) Laughing Owl: these were found in New Zealand’s wildlife and a decline in their numbers was seen from the late 1800s and got completely wiped off till the 1930s. Their cry or hooting was compared to a “madman’s snicker”, or to the bark of a dog.

(2) Barbary Lions: Yeah, they were the Atlas Lions found in the North Africa. They were the also the proud Gladiators in the Colosseum during the Roman rule. They got extinct by the mid-1900s.

(3) Giant Teratorn: These were the natives of Argentina, who lived some million years ago. They were 6 feet tall, with their wings spanning some 6-8 meters. Now, this was huge. They kind of captured their prey like the modern eagles but swallowed them whole.






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