Pandas are not lonely creatures

Pandas are not lonely creatures

The new research has revealed shocking insight about the Pandas. The species is considered as lonely but the scientists observed that they are more social and sometimes flirt with fellow pandas.

Mammalogy, a science journal published this study by the researchers Vanessa Hull from the Michigan State University. Hull informed that Pandas posses complex social structures and relationships among each other. The researchers fixed GPS trackers on the five pandas in Wolong Nature Reserve located in the China as it is very difficult to find pandas in their natural habitat and study them. The three adult females, a male and a young female were studied under this project. The GPS trackers revealed many aspects of secret lives of pandas. After data was uplinked to a computer, researchers were able generate maps of panda trails throughout a years. Results showed that two adult females spend large amount of time together and young female panda was also with them.

Male panda, called as Chuan Chuan covered more distance than the females but he frequently came back to meet them. The females were loyal to him as he marked his scent on them. This suggested that male pandas might be polygamous. There are very limited researches on the panda because the communist government is very protective of this animal and the use of GPS system on the panda was banned by the law.

This ground breaking research will lead to more study on the secret societies of pandas. It has definitely broke the stereotype about this cute creature.




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