What is a Hispaniolan Solenodon

What is a Hispaniolan Solenodon

Hispaniolan solenodon has various other names like Haitian solenodon, Dominican solenodon or agouta. The scientific name of the creature is Solenodon paradoxus. This solenodon is found in the Hispaniola area covering the areas shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The animal looks almost like a shrew that is over-sized. It is characterized by its long tail, hairy body and a prolonged snout. The dimensions of the body range from 28 to 33 cm with a tail of about 25 cm in length. They weight in a range of 600 gm to a kilogram.

The bodies of these animals are covered in brownish fur with a pale hue on the underside. The extensions of their body like tail, snout, ear tips and legs are practically hairless. The hind limbs are underdeveloped as compared to the forelimbs. The forelimbs consist of strong claws that are quite useful in digging. Their unique feature of these cute little animals are they have venomous saliva that is secreted through a groove in their lower incisor in second position. Even they themselves are not immune to their saliva.

These animals are nocturnal in habit. This fact has let them remain as unrecognized quite recently. Since, they lead a quiet nocturnal life; therefore, their natural predators are quite less in number. Apart from their venomous saliva, they do not have much of evolved natural defenses. The urbanization of their habitat has led them to become one of the endangered species of the world. Several conservation projects have been started to save them.




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