Interesting facts about cats

Interesting facts about cats

Cats are one of the most popular house pets. They look adorable and they enjoy in your company. Cats are good friends and they care about you. Because they sleep a lot, you may think that there are no many interesting facts about them. In fact, they are very interesting animals, and you probably don’t know many facts about them.

  • A cat sleeps 2/3 of a day. This means that cat old 9 years, is awake only 3 years.
  • Dogs make only 10 different sounds. On the other side, cats make more than 100.
  • The cat’s brain is more similar to ours than to the dog’s brain. We both have similar regions that are responsible for emotions.
  • Cats are favorite house pets in the North America. 30% of households have a cat. This means, 73 million cats are pets, compared to 63 million dogs.
  •  Cats bite 40.000 people in the US each year.
  • The top speed of a cat is 49 km/h (31 mph), but only over a short distance.
  • There are some records that cat’s survived fall from 20 meters.
  • Researchers still don’t know how cat really purrs.
  • Black cats are considered as luck, in Britain and Australia. In Europe and North America, they are considered as bad luck.
  • Cats back has 53 loosely fitting vertebrae. We have only 34.
  • 1/3 of cat owners believe their cats can read minds.
  • A cat uses 32 muscles to move an ear. We use only 6.
  • A cat called Andy fell from the 16th floor (200 ft.) and survived.
  • The most expensive cat cost $154.000.
  • An owner left $15 million for his cat, called Blackie. This is the richest cat in the world.




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