Maine Coon, a Breed of Cats

 Maine Coon, a Breed of Cats

If one looks at its picture, it seems to be vicious but actually it is not that scary. They are the largest breed in domesticated cats. Its physical appearance is quite distinct and commendable hunting skills. It is also one of the oldest natural breeds in North America and is native to the state of Maine, thus its name. is the official cat of that state. No records exist in connection with the cat’s origin and date of introduction to America. It got much popularity in nineteenth century and now is one of the most demanded and desirable breed of domesticated cats. So don’t pay attention to its dark looks.
The cat is sociable and has a large size. It is quite intelligent, friendly, and playful and has a cute nick name, ‘the gentle giant’. They are found in various colors and a good reputation for its playful nature and gentle nature. It is also said that it has some dog-like characteristics. The professionals are a bit worried about the health problems like hipdyplasia, hypertrophic faced by this breed. They are using some recent medical procedure to find a permanent cure for these worrisome problems. Information about its ancestors is still a mystery. A tale involves the story of Marie Antoinette, the former queen of France. She tried to escape from the execution with the help of Captain Samuel Clough. She loaded six favorite Turkish angora cats but unfortunately she didn’t make it but her cats reached safely and they bred with the other short-haired ones, thus becoming the ancestors of Maine Coon.





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