Maine Coon

Maine Coon

These cats are also called gentle giants, because of their amazing character, and yet bigger size.

The history of these beautiful cats is very strange. Some legends say that they were " created " in American state Maine, by mixing domestic cat with raccoon. Interesting, huh ?

On the other hand there were people who were saying that this combination is simply impossible, so another legend was created.

The other version of a story says that Maine Coon was created from the cats of Marie Antoinette.

The story goes like this - she was trying to run away from her country, and she wanted to bring along her biggest treasure - six Turkish Angora cats.

She failed to come to America, but luckily her cats did. Then they were mixed with North-American lynx and that's how we " got " Maine Coon.

Like we mentioned before they are pretty big cats. Male can reach up to 11 kilograms, and female up to 7 kilograms.

People call these cats giants with a dog character, because they are very devoted, gentle, kind and they simply love to make friends with anyone, even with dogs.

For example, they are so cute and devoted and reliable, that in case you have a baby, and you cannot find a babysitter, they are great guardians, and your baby will be 100 percent safe with this furry cutie.

They are very obedient and they will recognize by your voice inflection what you want them to do.

They don't have a problem if you leave them at home, while you are working. When you come home tired, they will try to cheer you up, or will cuddle with you.

Amazing cat, really.



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