Information on Cattle

Information on Cattle

Cattle—colloquially cows are domestic animals. They live in almost any part of the world. In Brazil there are 200 million of cows, in India 220 million and in China 108 million. In India the cow is a sacred animal, and Indian people don’t eat their meat. Cows are bred for meat, leather and milk. Male cattle are known as bulls. They are used for meat. Bulls are used in Spain, Portugal and in Latin America for Bullfighting. This is a real spectacle in those countries, which involves toreros (a person who is fighting a bull). Senior toreros are known as matadors, they are killing bulls during the ‘’fight.’’

Cattle—colloquially cows are the most common member of domesticated ungulates. Cow’s gestation period lasts 9 months, and a cow usually gives birth to 1 (in some cases 2) calf. An average size of a calf is between 25 and 45 kg. Depending of a species, adult cattle can have a weight between 272 and 454 kg, (species like Dexter and Jersey). The larger species are Chianina, Marchigiana, Belgian Blue and Charolais. They can reach a weight between 635 and 1.134 kg. Bulls are larger than cows. They can reach a weight up to 1.500kg (Chianina bulls) or 1.361 kg (British bulls, such as Angus and Hereford). The largest bull had a weight of 1.742 kg.

Due to artificial insemination and low physical activity, many cows have problems during their gestation period. In the past cattle was used in farming, but today only undeveloped countries use cattle for this. According to one research, there are more than 1.3 billion cattle in the world. Their population is constantly increasing.




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