Most Dangerous Predators in the World

Most Dangerous Predators in the World

The nature has its way of creating peace and havoc both simultaneously. We adore the nature and its beauty and wonder about the complex relations of the animals and plants, and the balance with which it maintains the ecology and the biosphere. The prey and the predator relationships is also a very interesting one to be studied, researched and pondered some time upon. It makes us marvel at the nature and the Creator more.

While we understand the ecological balance depends upon this ongoing wildlife battle of these two daily, but what’s more breathtaking is their mechanism and tactics for capturing their prey, right where they want. Here is a list of some of the most dangerous animals in the world:

(1) Crocodile: The greatest and most dangerous amongst the predators, well luckily, these guys live in water only and have to crawl, else they would have made the lives of the others hell. With their submerged surveillance, they rule in the African waters and wait upon for the weakest to be assassinated.  

(2) Grey Wolf: They are found mainly in the north-west USA, and are known for their unusually super sensitive smell receptors and they sniff out their prey from about the distance of 50 km and chase and hunt the poor fellow in a pack.

(3) Japanese Giant Hornets: These natives of the Japan are found mainly in the foothills of Mount Fuji. They search through the lands and use their scent receptors to seek out their prey and once found they leave their scent and leave it for its gangs to attack.






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