Pink fairy armadillo

Pink fairy armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo, also known as the Pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo. This species has a length of 90-115 mm, excluding its tail, and it can weigh less than a 1 pound! The unique characteristic of pink fairy armadillo is its dorsal shell, which is almost completely separate from its body. They live in the Argentina, in the sandy plains and dry grasslands. This kind of terrain is perfect for their needs, because they are great diggers. In case of a danger, they can bury themselves in a couple of seconds.

Their main source of food are ants. Beside them, pink fairy armadillo like eating snails, worms and plants. They use their ability to bury themselves near the ant colonies, so they have a constant source of food. This species of armadillo most of their life spends in solitude. Protecting themselves underground during the day and feeding during night. It is believed that they are polygamous animals. Female armadillo usually gives birth to one young. Its shell will become fully hardened until it is a fully adult.

Their front claws, enables them fast and effective digging and moving underground. The interesting fact is that they are moving underground like they are swimming in water! The hard shell and aerodynamics are also responsible for this possibility. The pink fairy armadillo has a life span 5-10 years. Their natural enemies are domestic dogs. Due to habitat destruction, since 1970, this species of armadillo is classified as the threatened species! Sadly, their number is still decreasing! It is a very interesting animal and very unique! It would be a shame if these animals would extinct.




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