American Bobtail

American Bobtail

One of the cutest breed in domesticated cats, The American Bobtail is quite uncommon. It was developed in 1960’s. Its unique name is derived from the fact that, it has a ‘bobbed’, stubby tail which is just one-third or half of the normal length of a cat’s tail. This characteristic is quite similar to that of Manx cat, which is another breed in cats. Despite the similar names, there is no relation between Japanese Bobtail and American Bobtail because in American Bobtail, the tail is dominant and it is not in Japanese bobtail. The breed is very sturdy and possesses short-haired as well as long-haired coats. Instead of being dense or fluffy, the coat is shaggy. They have that ‘wild’ look. According to legendary tales, it is believed that this breed is the result of the breeding between domestic tabby cat and a wild bobcat, but according to the scientific details, this breed was produced after a short-tailed brown tabby male mated with seal-point Siamese female. Today what it looks is not original; the original looks were modified in the breed to form a new and improvised strain. These cats require two –three years to attain full development. It is hearty, with a moderately long body, stocky and with a rectangular stance. Its chest is full and broad. The eye color changes with the coat color, which is its specialty. The tail can be curved or straight depends upon the cat. They are also sociable, playful and quite friendly.




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