Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

One of the best breeds in domesticated cat, it was developed into a short-haired version of the Persian variety. It is similar to the Persian breed in many ways, which includes its temperament, conformation and the only exception case is its dense coat. It has got it the health problems from its ancestors. This breed was recognized in 1986 by Federation Internationale feline. Since the outcrosses of Persians are used regularly, some of the exotics carry a copy of the recessive long hair gene. Its ears are small, rounded at the tip, not too open at the base. It is widely spaced and furnished by hair in the inside area. Its eyes are large, attractive, round and have deep color. Its neck is short and thick. It has a medium size; low to the ground has a broad chest, large-boned and awesome muscles. It normally weighs between five to six kg. The hair between its toes is quite desirable. Its tail is short, thick and has a rounded tip. It looks very cute. Their behavior is very calm, gentle and reminds one of the Persian breed. They don’t like to be alone so they always need company and like to be surrounded with the presence of their owner. Persians are high-maintenance creatures but exotic shorthair are not so. They don’t need much human assistance to remain clean and prim. To reach the maturity age, they need a minimum of two years and enter their puberty age very late.




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