How to treat cat disease

How to treat cat disease

Cats are prone to many kind of diseases which they can contract as they keep going outdoors. We can't keep the cat in always but we can check out for symptoms and try to treat them before it gets worse. Following are some of the diseases which you can take care of.

Skin Conditions: The common causes for most of the skin conditions are-
Parasites: Parasites are the major reason for most of the skin diseases. Fleas, Mites and Lice cause skin irritation.
Allergies: Some skin conditions are caused due to allergic reaction. Your cat may be allergic to some cat food or the environment which has a lot of pollen, dust or mould.
Infections: Several bacteria’s can cause bacterial infection which causes skin conditions.
Hormonal Imbalance: Imbalanced hormones can also be a cause of skin problems.
You can cure some of the infections by providing correct nutrition which will help in improving its immune system.
Protein: Protein is the building block for damaged skin. Try giving high quality proteins from sources like duck or venison.
Antioxidants: Antioxidants and Vitamin E are very important in maintaining your cat's immune system. It also protects it from cellular oxidation which is normally caused by free radicals. 

Heart Conditions: Cats face with heart conditions. The two main common heart conditions are-
Myocardial Disease: This condition causes the thickening or weakening of heart muscles which results in inefficient pumping by the heart.
Chronic Valvular Disease: This disease causes a valve in the heart to leak which reduces the quantity of blood pumped around the cat's body.
Heart conditions in cats are normally caused by the body condition of the cat, its age and also the breed of the cat.
Proper nutrition can help prevent problems like these.



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